Design your Ethereum Rookie Card

This edition has ended.

  • Powered by on-chain history

    Over 80 web3 projects contribute to your score and rank
  • Showcase your favorite NFT

    Pick your own avatar from your personal NFT collection
  • Five rarity levels

    Collect all five ERC-1 First Edition designs

Get into the game with ERC-1

Once minted, others can collect your rookie card

  • Flex your score and rank

    Owning NFTs, staking ETH, using DeFi Protocols and more can impact your score and rank
  • Use your web3 name

    Ethereum Name Service and Unstoppable Domains supported
  • ERC-1 was developed by EXAMP, a US-based software agency best known for creating ETHRank and Block Monitor.

  • EXAMP is led by Dylan Butler 📧, who brings over 20 years of professional development and leadership experience working on transformative technologies for major brands including MetaMask and PlayStation.

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